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2022 Division Standings

Playoffs Key

The symbol in the Division Playoffs column indicates those currently in a Divisional Playoff qualifying position and their seeding.

This is purely for the divisional playoffs and could be different for the Championship Playoffs which can be seen on the overall Leaderboard.

R1 - 1st Seed (Best Record)
P - 2nd Seed (Highest Points)
R2 - 3rd Seed (Next Best Record)
R3 - 4th Seed (Next Best Record)

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Predator Division
Prince Vultan Division
Conan Division
Chun Li Division
Viking Division
Xena Division
Gladiator Division
Sun Tzu Division
Joan of Arc Division
Spartan Division
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William Wallace Division
Immortals Division
Gurkha Division
Trojan Division
Zulu Division
Samurai Division
Hercules Division
Boudica Division
Wonder Woman Division
Ninja Division
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Black Panther Division
Sub Zero Division
Mandalorian Division
Beatrix Kiddo Division
Valkyrie Division
Mulan Division
Sumo Division
Alexander the Great Division
Achilles Division
Muhammad Ali Division
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Princess Leia Division
Optimus Prime Division
Rocky Balboa Division
Maori Division
Captain Marvel Division
Bruce Lee Division
Genghis Khan Division
Wolverine Division
Thor Division
He-Man Division
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