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Warrior Bowl
Golden Ticket

What is it?

Warrior Bowl Golden Tickets are a series of unique NFTs on the Polygon network that entitle the owner to certain perks and utilities related to Warrior Bowl, with all the sale proceeds going to charity..


WHEN - 25th May 2022



HOW MANY - There will be a maximum of 50, but they will be released in batches of 10 as we gauge demand.

WHAT DO I GET - As a WBGT holder you get access to a series of perks/utilities, details of which you can see below.

HOW MANY CAN I BUY - As many as you like, but you only gain the benefit of the utilities once, no matter how many you own. e.g. Even if you own 5 you only get one invite to Warrior Bowl.

CAN THEY BE RESOLD - Yes, you can sell your WBGT on OpenSea like any other NFT, but you will lose access to the perks, groups and leagues if you no longer hold a WBGT.

WILL I MAKE MONEY FROM THEM - WBGT is not intended as an investment, however it is possible for the value to rise as well as fall.

WHERE DOES THE MONEY FROM INITIAL SALE GO - After any associated OpenSea fees have been deduct the full remaining balance will be donated to the our supported charities.

WHAT IS A CREATORS FEE - A creators fee is a percentage of the resale price that goes to the original creator every time an NFT is resold.  WBGT have a 10% resale price with that full amount, after any transaction charges, going to the our supported charities



2. Select which division you compete in, or which analyst you compete against each year

3. Access to WBGT owners only Discord channels

4. Invite to WBGT holders fantasy league

5. Access to exclusive WBGT merch only available to holders

6. We will strive to continue to add value for WBGT holders by bringing you new and exciting perks along with all the best Warrior Bowl has to offer

* invite is for as long as you hold the NFT or as long as Warrior Bowl is running.   This is a guaranteed invite, not a free invite, a donation would still be asked for each year that you compete, including WB2022.

T'c and C's

Selling your WBGT would result in losing access to all perks and forgoing your place in any associated leagues or groups.

All perks/utilities are subject to change and removal, participation in Warrior Bowl and associated leagues and groups is subject to the usual rules and standards.

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