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Championship Playoffs and Divisional Playoffs run concurrently

Championship Playoffs

Championship playoffs will be run outside of Sleeper with results posted on the website.

Weeks 15, 16 & 17

40 teams qualify per conference (160 in total)

10 x Best Record from each Division

10 x Highest Points Scorer from each division (or second highest points if highest also has best record)

10 x Next best record across whole conference

10 x Next highest scorers across whole conference

Week 15

Per conference:  40 qualifiers playoff - 12 highest scorers progress (not head to head)

Week 16 - Conference Final

Per conference:  12 x Remaining teams playoff - 3 highest scorers progress (not head to head)

Top scorer crowned Conference Champion

Week 17 - Warrior Bowl

12 x Remaining teams (3 from each conference) playoff - Top scorer is crowned Ultimate Warrior 

Divisional Playoffs

Divisional playoffs will be run in Sleeper as normal

Weeks 15 & 16

4 teams qualify per division

Team with best record (1st seed)

Highest scoring team (2nd seed) (or next highest scorer if highest has best record)

2 x teams with the next best record (3rd & 4th seed)

Week 15

1st seed vs 4th seed

2nd seed vs 3rd seed

Traditional head to head

Week 16 - Divisional Bowl

2 x Remaining teams play head to head

Winner is crowned Divisional Champion

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