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Championship Playoffs and Divisional Playoffs run concurrently

Divisional Playoffs

Divisional playoffs will be run in Sleeper as normal to crown your Division Champion

Weeks 15 & 16

4 teams qualify per division

Team with best record (1st seed)

Highest scoring team (2nd seed) (or next highest scorer if highest also has best record)

2 x teams with the next best record (3rd & 4th seed) (tie breaker points for)

Week 15

1st seed vs 4th seed

2nd seed vs 3rd seed

Traditional head to head

Week 16 - Divisional Bowl

2 x Remaining teams play head to head

Winner is crowned Divisional Champion

Championship Playoffs

The Big One!!!  Championship playoffs will be run outside of Sleeper with results posted on the website and will crown the Ultimate Fantasy Football Warrior.

This will work slightly differently to previous years in an effort to make it simpler.

Weeks 15, 16 & 17

There will be 2 ways to qualify for the Championship Playoffs

Automatic Qualifiers

This will be the same 4 teams from each division that made the Divisional Playoffs.  4 per division making 40 per conference (200 total across WB2023)

Wildcard Qualifiers

Anyone who doesn't make their Division Playoffs but meets either of the following criteria will receive a wildcard spot into the Championship Playoffs:

A. Have a record of 10-4 or better

B. Be one of the top 40 total points scorers in your Conference.

This means there will be at least 40 teams per conference in the Championship Playoffs, but there could be more depending how many hit the wildcard criteria.

Week 15

Per conference:  All qualifiers playoff - 12 highest scorers progress (not head to head)

Week 16 - Conference Final

Per conference:  12 x Remaining teams playoff - 2 highest scorers progress (not head to head)

Week 17 - Warrior Bowl

10 x Remaining teams playoff (2 from each conference)  - Top scorer is crowned Ultimate Warrior 

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