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Warrior Bowl Rules


£20 (GBP) donation per team - 100% goes to our supported charities 
Open to all internationally
Register via the sign up page here
Invitations issued in the spring, donations payable at this point 
Divisions assigned and drafts scheduled in the summer
Hosted on Sleeper


600 Teams
5 Conferences
10 x 12 Team Divisions per conference
Waivers via FAAB, $200 season budget, waivers run daily with no free agency period
No waiver claims once eliminated
Trade deadline week 10
Slow draft, 19 rounds, snake with 3rd Round Reversal, 8 hour clock (4 hour clock in round 1) with NO overnight timer pause, no draft pick trading
SuperFlex, TE Premium, custom scoring (see below)


1 x QB

2 x RB

3 x WR

1 x TE

2 x Flex (RB, WR, TE)

1 x Superflex (QB, RB, WR, TE)

1 x K

8 Bench



Passing yards:  1pt per 25yds

Passing TD:  4pts

2pt Conversion:  2pts

Passing 1st down:  0.25pts

Completed pass:  0.25pts

Incomplete pass:  -0.50pts

Pass intercepted:  -4pts

Pick 6 thrown:  -2pts

Sacked:  -1


Rushing yards:  1pt per 10yds

Rushing TD:  6pts

2pt Conversion:  2pts

Rushing attempt:  0.10pts

Rushing 1st down:  0.25pts


RB Reception:  0.75pts

WR Reception:  1pt

TE Reception:  1.50pts

Receiving yards:  1pt per 10yds

Receiving TD:  6pts

2pt Conversion:  2pts

Receiving 1st down:  0.50pts


Fumble:  -2pts

Fumble lost:  -2pts

Fumble recovery TD: 6pts

Special Teams Player

Punt return yards:  1pt per 20yds

Kick return yards:  1pt per 20yds

Special teams TD:  6pts


FG Made 0-19yds:  1pt

FG Made 20-29yds:  2pts

FG Made 30-39yds:  3pts

FG Made 40-49yds:  4pts

FG Made 50+yds:  5pts

FG Missed 0-19yds:  -5pts

FG Missed 20-29yds:  -4pts

FG Missed 30-39yds:  -3pts

FG Missed 40-49yds:  -2pts

FG Missed 50+yds:  -1pts

PAT Made:  2pts

PAT Missed:  -4pts


For details of the playoff structure click here. 


As this is a charity league and your donations go directly to our supported charities there are no cash prizes for the Warrior Bowl.  



We wish to intervene as little as possible and let everyone enjoy the season, but we will if and when required to maintain the integrity of the league.

During the draft if your timer expires you will receive an auto-picked player.  However, if you time out during the first round then we will assume you are a no show, meaning we will remove you from the league and replace you.

If you time out twice during the rest of the draft we also reserve the right to remove you from the league and replace you.

Please download the Sleeper app and turn draft notifications on, this will then let you know when its your turn to pick.


During the season if you miss setting your lineup twice then we reserve the right to remove you from the league.


Trades will be processed immediately with no veto, however if you have concerns about a trade in your division please notify us asap and we will review.  We will only take action in the event of clear and obvious collusion.


We must be notified within 1 hour of any accidental roster moves and obvious accidents will be fixed. Please tag the commissioner in your league chat or DM on twitter.


Should circumstances or problems arise that are not covered in the rules the commissioners reserve the right to take whatever action deemed necessary in the best interests of the league and all decisions will be final.

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